Here at Cruse Complete Fitness, we custom design fitness training for every client. There really is no "One Size Fits All" when it comes to training. That is why it is so important to work with a qualified personal trainer who is passionate about helping you!

Pricing Guide:

4 Week Beginner 



Our 4 week beginner program is a very basic program that helps you get started. Included in this is setting goals, planning your program based on your goals and exercise equipment available, tracking your progress and basic nutritional guidelines. This is a great way for anyone to get started!

12 Week Intermediate


Our intermediate program is designed around a slightly more experienced client. With this program, you receive a more intense training program based on your goals and progress. This program allows us to go more indepth with your nutrition as well as some more advanced exercises. Great program for someone who has a little experience, but wants more of a challenge than they have been having!

12 Week Advanced


This program is designed with the athlete in mind. This is an intense, challenging program that includes advanced exercises, advanced nutrition programing and frequent (3+ times per week phone or skype conferences with our Master Trainer. Not for the timid, this program is our most intense!